Hotel Palace Varazze ***
Via Gaggino, 37
17019 Varazze ( SV)
Tel. 0039.019.97706-97468
Fax 0039. 019.932175
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Hotel Palace Varazze

Varazze Riviera delle Palme

hotel palace varazze

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Octopus with Vermentino

· 1 kg of octopus
· parsley
· garlic
· lemon juice
· vinegar
· Liguria olive oil
· Salt, pepper

Clean the octopus and, keeping its tentacles, put it in hot water three or four times ( to make it lightly pink). Cook it for about an hour in a pot with salt water and a spoon of vinegar. Chop together garlic and parsley. Drain the octopus, cut it in pieces and then put it on a tray. Mix oil and lemon juice, season and add garlic, parsley and pepper. You can garnish with boiled potatoes.

Green Taglierini

· 2 eggs
· 500 gr flour
· borage
· 50 gr sausage
· ¼ lt white wine
· 50 gr parmesan
· half veal brains
· marjoram
· gravy

Wash, clean and boil the borage in salt water. Wring and pass it in the vegetables with the sausage. Clean the brains, skin and put them in hot water just for few seconds, then pass them in the mincer. Knead the flour and the parmesan with the wine and other ingredients. Then let the paste stand for one or two hours and make some thin sheets. Roll them up and cut in pieces with a sharp knife. Unroll and let them dry before cooking. Boil and season with the “Tocco” adding the parmesan

Hotel Palace Varazze ***
Via Gaggino, 37 17019
Tel. 0039.019.97706-97468
Fax 0039. 019.932175
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